Hello! I'm nax,
I make a bunch of stuff in my free time :)

  • I'm from and live in England.
  • My go-to language is C# but I know loads of others.
  • BSc in Computer Science w/ Cyber Security.
  • Software over-engineer.
  • Fanatic of niche subcultures.
  • I spend a lot of time chatting in various servers, my main one is the Noita Discord where I moderate.
  • Homelab: 2x HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen 9, both running Proxmox.
  • Self hosting GitLab, sharex, caddy, pi-hole, this website, and a few other things.


List of things I need to do for this website


  • Make server multithreaded with thread pooling
  • Rewrite structure to allow for pipelines to handle requests
  • Redo request/response structures to make life easier
  • Look into static linking of web assets
  • Do regular SSR (and then maybe hydration?)


  • Figure out more stuff to put on here



  • Download Vivaldi Web Browser Today!